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Connecting a Router as an Endpoint


I try to connect a Router as an Endpoint (Because I just want to use a SERVICE from it).

Well, the issue is this: I have a SW L3 that have too much VLANS, It is routing traffic and it provides internet connection. VLAN 182 has been created at this point and in this SW L3 has configured an interface vlan 182 with an IP

To this Switch L3 is connected another switch L2 with an interface vlan 182 with an IP Finally I have the last switch with the same features of configuration just that this has an IP In this last switch is connected the router in the Gi1/0/24 as Switch port access, this port belongs to VLAN 182. At the router, the port is gi0/0 and it has an IP and is UP.

The Switch where the router is connected is reachable from this router but not by the other switches. Router can reach all the network but not in the reverse way.

Router has configured an ip default gateway

Please help me what I am doing wrong.Network.png

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Connecting a Router as an Endpoint


If the link between the 2960 switches ( and is trunked, than you need to add the new vlan (182) to the trunk.  You also need to add vlan 182 to the trunk link between the upper 2960 and the switch at the top left (


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Connecting a Router as an Endpoint

Hi Reza, thank you for your attention.

But VLAN 182 is already added in all the network.The 4 switches have VLAN 182 in their VLAN Database.

And you know something I can reach it.

Someone help me. He told me that if I want the router acting as a host I have to turn off the "IP ROUTING".


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