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Connecting ESW520 to C3750X

Hi there,


We are having some issues with connecting an ESW switch to our core C3750X stack. I want to just allow VLAN115 for anything that connects to the ESW switch, including the phones as it's a separate company in the building. 

At the moment I have port 24 of C3750X setup as an access port to VLAN115, with no port security in place. The ESW switch is configured to only have VLAN1 as untagged on all the ports and it has a management IP on the same subnet as VLAN115. 

If we connect one or two laptops/PCs to ESW, they get an IP and can access the internet fine. If we connect any more devices, like a phone for example then the phone does not get an IP at all. The phones are working on SIP with a hosted solution, TFTP server option is set on VLAN115. 

Am I doing something wrong?

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