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New Member

Connecting port channels from Nexus 7018 to 6509 VSS

We purchased a 32 10 port (N7K-M132XP-12) for our nexus 7018. I understand that only 8 ports you can use as dedicated ports on this. I want to connect 4 10 gig dedicated ports to our 6509 (Aggregated ports) and I was told that some of the ports would be shared to our 3750E's. Is there any issues on sharing the ten gig ports to the 3750's? What about other 3750's sharing the ten gig ports? What is the best practices on connecting Nexus and 6509 when using the 10 gig ports? Nexus is our core router/serverfarm and the 6509 VSS is our distribution for the access layer. When do you dedicate a 10 gig port and when can you say it can be a shared port? I know in vPC the ten gigs has to be dedicated. Thank you in advance for your response.

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