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Connecting to a Catalyst 3750G

I need to connect to this switch either through the LAN port or the Console. We do not know the IP of the switch and are pretty sure that it was never setup in the first place. there are hundreds of users on them all day so resetting was not an option. If you could help me figure out a way to get inside the switch and take a look around it would be appreciated one of the ports has already gone out.

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Re: Connecting to a Catalyst 3750G

Console to the switch.

On the back of the switch is a console port.

Connect to it with a console cable.

Using Hyperterm or some other console emulator set up your serial options to

9600 baud

8 data bits

no parity

1 stop bit

Hit enter on your keyboard and you should automatically be connected. If you get prompted for a password just hit enter. If it still requests a password then try cisco.

In enable mode do a show run and see what has been configured. If you need some basic setup commands to be able to get to the switch remotely resond to this post and I will post them.

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Re: Connecting to a Catalyst 3750G

If you cannot get into the switch via the console(unknown password) you could also try this: hook up a laptop to one of the switch access ports and run a packet analyzer. You should see CDP information on all ports (unless it was disabled). This will give you the switch IP address among other things. One other option is if you know the SNMP Read (RO) and Read Write strings (but cannot get into the switch via the console) and they have been configured, you can use a SNMP reader to download the config, modify it and then upload the changes after you get the IP address from CDP.

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