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Connection resets over HTTP between two hosts on the same internal network

First time post here and hoping someone might have an idea what is causing connection resets between end user computers and linux servers running apache for inhouse apps.

It seems if the server has no network connections over HTTP for a while (>10min) then when someone goes to connect to it via any browser, a connection reset by server error appears. All they do is hit refresh and the connection goes. Running wireshark and tcpdump and a host and server. It appears on the 3 phase of the initial ACK/SYN handshake, that the server receives a Seq number of 2168528618 when the client shows it sends a Seq number of 1. The server then sends the Reset connection flag.

For the path between my system and a server that I can replicate(somewhat regularly) this error:

PC -> Cisco 2950(access SW) -> Cisco 3560(core SW) -> Cisco 3020(HP blade enclosure switch) -> HP 460c G6 blade server (running either Hyper-V or XenServer) -> Server (VM - Fedora/CentOS)

The DG is a ASA5510 with a Barracuda Web filter inline.

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No ideas from anyone? Is it

No ideas from anyone? Is it possible that breaks as a result of something in the application layer?

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