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Connectivity problem from the user network


I am having problem to  connecto from one network to another  network.My network setup is, I have  on one side of the router and on the other side I have network. The problem is user from can not connect to network. The router is directly connected to the network and I don't have any access to that network to make any changes on the networ but from the router I can ping any host on network. On the network I am using EIGRP. Anybody has any idea on this?


Cisco Employee

Re: Connectivity problem from the user network


I assume that you have verified that your problem is not caused by any ACLs in place.

What does a traceroute or tracrt command say when you perform it from a host in the network towards a station in the Where does the traceroute stop?

Are the stations in both networks aware of the existence of the other network? In other words, do the routers in the network know about the existence of the network, and vice versa? It may be possible that either the routers are unable to route the packet from to, or that the reply back from cannot be routed to the original sender in the

As you can ping all stations in from the router itself, this seems to me to be a routing issue. Please verify that all routers in both your networks are aware of the existence of all networks.

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