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Connectivity with multiple 2950 switches and 1800 router

I am connecting three 2950 switches to an 1811 router. My superiors require me to connect the 1st switch to the FE0 port. The next two switches are to be connected to the switch ports FE2 and FE3. We want to avoid daisy-chaining the switches together in case the 1st switch loses connection to the 1800 router. All three switches are setup each with a unique ip address on vlan1, pointing to the gateway-router ip address. The 1st switch works fine but the other two are not allowing connectivity of PCs. It appears the issue appears to be a configuration issue but I'm not sure how to configure the other two switches to allow connectivity of PCs to the router out to the WAN. Any examples anyone can supply?


Re: Connectivity with multiple 2950 switches and 1800 router


Can you post the config of your Cisco router and the port config of the 2950 Switches which gets connected to the router..

I feel you are connecting the ports onto the managed switch ports which requires to be a part of the particular VLAN ..

So make sure you are mirroring the config of the working ethernet port onto the other ports as well..



Re: Connectivity with multiple 2950 switches and 1800 router

You cannot put the same default gateway address on all 3 router interfaces . The only way I can think you could do this is to bridge the interfaces and use IRB . Do a search on how to configure IRB on . This is the only way to put one subnet across 3 separate router ports , normally you run 3 different subnets and each router port would run 1 unique subnet on its port and then you address the switch with an address in that subnet with the switch gateway pointed to the router interface address . If you are trying to run 1 subnet across all 3 interfaces then the only way is to use bridgeing .

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Re: Connectivity with multiple 2950 switches and 1800 router

Thanks to all but we believe we have it resolved. The 1811 router has a separate module labeled as "Switch" on it. We removed the 1st switch from the FE0(not part of Switch module on 1811)port, we took all 3 switches and connected them to the first 3 1811 switch ports labeled as FE2, FE3 and FE4. The only configuration change on the 1811 was to remove the IP address from the FE0 interface and all other commands on that interface and added them to the interface vlan1 on the 1811 configs(the 1811 has a vlan1 interface on it). All switches can now communicate with each other as well as any PC connected to any of the 3 switches' ports can ping/telnet the default gateway/router and all other switches. Next will be to connect the 1811 to an ISP connection. We're hoping there shouldn't be any issues. Wish us luck!

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