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Console authentication on 3750

I have several local usernames and passwords set up on a 3750 switch and I use these usernames/passwords to access the switch when I access it via Telnet/SSH. However, when I console into the switch there is no authentication. I'd like to use the same usernames/passwords for console authentication, and I thought the command for this was "login local". However, when I try to configure the console line, it asks me for an authentication list. How can I configure the console line so it uses my local configured usernames/passwords for authentication?

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Re: Console authentication on 3750

have you tried

line con 0

login authentication default

default is the method list where you have declared

aaa authentication login default local

hope this helps


Re: Console authentication on 3750

Hi there,

There are a few ways to do it.

Another way to do it is to create a named local authentication list and use that. The default authentication list can be used also as noted above.


!create user name and privilege level

username blahuser privilege 15 password blahpassword


!turn on aaa

aaa new-model


!create an auth list called CON_AUTH and use local database for auth

aaa authentication login CON_AUTH local


!apply to the console

line con 0

login authentication CON_AUTH

!give lvl 15 for console access if user auths

privilege level 15

I've added a level 15 user so if that authenticates he/she will have level 15 privilege straight up.

Obviously that isn't completely necessary.

Good luck with it!


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