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Console timeout problems

Hi all,

Just started studying for the CCENT and have purchased a 2610, 2611XM and 2950 to do some practice.

So far I have connected to all devices using the console port and a prolific based serial to usb converter.

I can connect to all devices using putty, however after approx 5 minutes all seem to freeze/timeout. Basically the console freezes and can't input or anything, or enter any thing etc. To reset I have to un plug USB and reload putty, which then brings me back to the devices therefore I know its not a device issue also as its the same for all 3.

I have tried, 2 diff PCs both with win7.

Tried tera term, and same thing.

tried new drives for usb to serial.

set the exec-timeout to inifinte on the devices

I have setup telent access and this work fine!

All i can think is that the console cable is dud or the serial to USB is?

Just wondering if anyone has had a similar issue or can help. Would a faulty cable cause this timeout after approx 5 mins? Thanks

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Re: Console timeout problems


It seems you have done everything possible to troubleshot the issue and the only thing that is left is anging the console cable and/or the USB to serial converter. I would suspect that the converter is bad, but than again you never know.

If you are going to replace the converter use a different brand than what you have.


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