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New Member

convert from Hybrid to Native. Catalyst 6509


We have two core Catalyst 6509 with SUP2 running in Hybrid mode with CatOS: 7.6.6 and IOS:12.1.20(E3).

We bought two SUP 720 to replace the two SUP2. Because the two Catalyst 6509 are the production switches "run a very critical business", I want to do the convertion with a minimal impact to the client.

Two choices:

choice 1:


1. Remove SUP2 and install SUP720 and keep running with Hybrid. I need a stable CatOS and IOS to run in SUP720.

2. Wait for a week and do the conversion to native.

Choice 2:


1. Convert the SUP 2 to native and after

2. install SUP720

Any suggestions, ideas, good documents for conversion, ...

What the suggested IOS/CatOS I need to go with.

Many thanks

New Member

Re: convert from Hybrid to Native. Catalyst 6509


I don't know if you already know that but the SupII and the Sup720 cards must be installed in differents slots.

I mean, Supervisor Engine 2 is installed in slot 1 and slot 2 but Supervisor Engine 720 is installed in slot 5 and slot 6 on the Catalyst 6509 switch chassis. So may be, you will have to move more than only the supervisor engine cards...

HTH (and sorry for my english...)

New Member

Re: convert from Hybrid to Native. Catalyst 6509

Many Thanks. I didn't know that. Any other thinks to know will be appreciated.

Many thanks

New Member

Re: convert from Hybrid to Native. Catalyst 6509


I went through a similar process except going from Sup1As to Sup720's (2 in the same box). And then going from Hybrid to Native at a later time. As far as your two options go, It is all a matter of your comfort level and what the customer expects regarding a longer downtime vs. 2 shorter, etc. But, there is a fair amount of work involved in going from Hybrid to Native, so if I were to do it again, I would probably do it in 2 steps again.

The upgrade doc I found to go from Hybrid to Native was:

The biggest thing to remember is that your config files will not work from CatOS to IOS, so I made scripts/config files up in wordpad that I just pasted in through console to get all the configs on the physical interfaces. That limited my downtime by a good amount. I may have heard something of a conversion tool, but I never found it and this manual way seemed to work pretty good.

Random things I learned:

Due to the space the new native images take (~40M) I had to use the sup-bootflash: to store the files and to boot from.

One big thing to check before you proceed is if your fan unit in your 6509 will support the Sup720's. Not sure about the diff between sup2 and sup1 in this regard, but I had to upgrade. It'll allow 300secs before shutdown if the fans are not adequate. Also check your power supplies to verify they are powerful enough to handle the load of the new SUP's as well. Good to know before the downtime.

This is if you have 2 sup's in the same box, which I don't know if you do: When I changed from Hybrid to Native, I chose to take one sup720 out and upgrade the other. Once it was upgraded, I configured it (with my scripts)for the new IOS and checked functionality. I then removed that one and upgraded the second. I pulled the second out, started the first up and when I installed the other, the configurations sync'd and I was good to go. I did it this way so that I would have a way back if for some reason I had a problem with the upgrade or configuration conversion to support Native.

Not sure if this is recommended, but it's the way I felt most comfortable in my environment.

HTH and good luck with the conversion.

New Member

Re: convert from Hybrid to Native. Catalyst 6509

I would not use the cisco utility to do the conversion... The steps I use are

1.login into CatOS

2.set boot config-register 0x0

3.reset (you will be in rommon)

4.boot newer large IOS image from disk0: (you will need later than 7.5 catos and fw rev

7.1(1) to read this disk (very important) check first in hybrid with show module rommon remove old catos variables, issue

"set" command. then issue "boot=" command, etc zeroing them out, until boot, and image variables are gone

6.still in rommon enter

"boot disk0:s72200.ios.bin" or whatever its called" (make sure you COPIED IOS to a CATOS formatted flash card big enough to hold the IOS image way before you even started these steps!)

7. once IOS boots, format the hybrid file systems,

"format bootflash:" (this is the msfc)

"format sup-bootflash:" (this is what the msfc, who runs the console port calls the supervisor bootflash) copy your ios from disk0: to sup-bootflash:

(yes IOS can read catos formatted disks!)

(very important, as the supervisor boots first, and needs the "bootpath" on itself! boot, and remove any references to bootldr, you will no longer need this like catos did,

no boot bootldr bootflash:somefile.bin

10. now change the config-register back to 0x2102 (default),

11. configure redundancy, sso, or rpr+


mode sso

12. write mem

13. reload, make sure all boots well

14. pull out first supervisor, repeat all steps on second sup card

15. pull out second sup card, stick in first sup card, boot up.

16. once you verify sup you want primary is up, insert second sup. Once that's up, show redundancy on primary... should see secondary as "standby"

Do it this way, only takes about 30 minutes...

go to native in one clean sweep!

New Member

Re: convert from Hybrid to Native. Catalyst 6509

Many Thanks. Found out that some of Gigabit modules "WS-X6516-GBIC" were not compatible, I need to RMA them and also my FANTray needed to be ugraded. Many thanks for your help.

Any suggestions about which stable IOS I need to go with "This are LAN Core switches and will be running spanning-tree + OSPF + SSH".


New Member

Re: convert from Hybrid to Native. Catalyst 6509

Here is a good IOS image to run for your SUP720 upgrade. You will need a CCO to download the image.


Also, the easiest way to convert to Native mode is the way jbrunner007 mentioned. That is the way I do it. Don't use the one that Cisco describes in the utility as it is way to convoluted.


New Member

Re: convert from Hybrid to Native. Catalyst 6509


I did in the LAB software sytem conversion with success "went very well". What is the best way to do the conversion of my CatOS and IOS config.


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