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Convert Nexus 5548UP to Layer 3

I know this question has been asked many times over but I can't seem to find a specific post which has all of the detail steps just yet.

We have two 5548UPs that we've been running for about a year in Layer 2 mode. We've recently purchased (2) Layer 3 cards with the Enterprise Licenses so we have the necessary hardware and software.

My question is this - can someone provide me with a step through guide for configuring L3 on the 5548s?  I've read many posts documenting the L3 cards, the licensing and such, but I haven't seen the actual configuration steps for setting up routing. Right now routing happens in 2 upstream CAT switches and I want to move L3 down to the 5548s.

Here are the steps I know so far :

1) Install L3 cards

2) Install Enterprise license

3) Enable features - hsrp, hsrp_engine(?), interface_vlan, eigrp (anything else needed to enable routing?)

4) Configure EIGRP (router eigrp XXXXX)

5) Add "peer-gateway" to the vpc peer-link? I've seen various opinions on this - some have removed it due to an NX-OS bug

Peer-gateway "off"

Peer-gateway "on"

What else do I need to configure?



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