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Core switch for 400 users

Hi All,

I'm trying to decide what switch to use as a core for 500 users. I'm currently looking at either 2 x 3750X stacks or 2 x 4500s with dual SUPs and PSUs, both options will provide the number of switchports required without the need for additonal access layer swiches.

Which switch option is best to go for here? All of our services will be located in our data centre which will be connected using 2 1000Mbps MPLS circuits. I wont need any advanced L3 features and we are not likley to scale over 450 users.

Also is it ok to use the dual switch stacks or chassis to provide the collapsed core/access layer or is it best to have a dedicated core (using one of the above options with less switchports) and having a dedicated accesss layer using 2960Gs for example. Our structured cabling terminates in a single comms room so we wont need to distribute switches throughout the office.


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Core switch for 400 users

I suggest you can go with dual 3750x 12 ports switch which should be acting as distribution or core switch... this would be suffice for 450 users count. Even the down access layer also you can give dual connectivity (2 uplinks from the access layer to the core) and have load balancing feature using glbp or priority using hsrp.

i.e say totally u have 10 nos of 2900's as the access layer - 48 ports model. Switch 1,3,5,7,9 will be taking core 1 as the primary path and rest of the switches will be taking core 2 as the primary path..... in case of failure it will fall back to standby core....

4500 will not be cost effective as u said there will be any growth in the user count.

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Core switch for 400 users


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Much depends on what you consider "best".

Least expensive effective option would likely be a dual stack of 3750-Xs with dual (optionally increase link count for additional bandwidth) (MEC) gig copper Etherchannel to individual (or some combination of stacked) 2960s.

Least expensive, "best" option, might be a single 4510R (w/ dual sup7).  A single 4510R, if short on ports, add ports using standalone 2960s, dual (optionally increase link count or use 10 gig) Etherchannel to the 4510R (different blades or sups).

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Core switch for 400 users

All of our services will be located in our data centre which will be connected using 2 1000Mbps MPLS circuits.

Can you please elaborate on this?

How far will the MPLS go?  I mean will it stop on the router or will you distribute MPLS from your core switch to the distro or access switches?  4500R+E and/or 3750X will not support full MPLS.  They will support VRF-lite and that's about it.

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