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Corrupt VLANs

Hi all. Have been having some one way audio lately...hard to track down. Anyways, I set up a free software package called "OrkAudio" that records the conversations from the phones on the network (for Police and Fire). When I set up the required VLANs, I got a warning about "this is the old way to do it, it may corrupt the VLAN database, there is a new way to do it, etc etc". I am wondering if I have some corrupt VLAN stuff somewhere and that is causing one way audio every so often. How would I tell if the VLAN dbs are corrupt? What is the new way to do it? And OrkAudio requires one port on a server to be set in promiscuous mode...I don't think that would hurt anything, but what does everyone else think (by HURT, I mean weirdly redirect Cisco traffic).

Thanks for any insights at all!

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Re: Corrupt VLANs


The message about the old versus the new way is pretty standard and i have never known using the old way to be the cause of vlan corruption.

If you run "sh vlan" and everything looks okay then i suspect it is.

I suspect if it is intermittent you need to look at

1) Firewalls in the path

2) your routing setup - make sure your routing is stable

3) Link utilisation - are any links in the path fully utilised

4) interface drops on devices along the path

You may also want to consider cross-posting this into one of the "Unified Communications and Video" forums as after a quick search this sort of thing gets asked in those forums most frequently.


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