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CPE switch with more than 4 hardware queues

Hi All

I am trying to find a L3 switch that can be used as CPE and has more than 4 hardware egress queues (I need 7 including a priority queue). The only thing I can find that looks close to this is the ME3750 and fudging together a config using HQF.

Any other suggestions welcome.

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Re: CPE switch with more than 4 hardware queues

10 gig ports within the 6500 series seem to support 1p7q4t or 1p7q8t.

Some of the 6500 "WAN" cards, e.g. Enhanced FlexWAN and SIPs, I believe support queuing similar to what can be implemented on most software routers (i.e. provide 8, or more, with one PQ).


If you could explain more about your requirements, might be able to provide other suggestions.

Re: CPE switch with more than 4 hardware queues

Hi Joseph

I'm looking for CPE, so the 6500 is not an option.

My requirements are as stated, I need up to 7 queues on a device that can be used as CPE, so cost is key.

Unfortunately, Juniper offer a device that does just that (EX3200), so there must be a Cisco equivalent.

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Re: CPE switch with more than 4 hardware queues

Unclear why 6500 isn't an option for L3 switch CPE, technically. On the cost front, yup (very) expensive, but you didn't note a cost restraint in your original post (although I had wondered since you mentioned looking at the ME3750).

With regard to Juniper having a device with this feature, and Cisco must too; 'taint always so. Each vendor decides what they want to market. Juniper could have intended to provide this feature as a marketing "advantage" over Cisco. Cisco, might counter with if you need so many queues, perhaps you also need a more featured device, such as one of their routers.

Your original post noted other suggestions were welcome, but that's difficult to do if you limit information to such narrow requirements.

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