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creating VLANS on the current subnet

i have recently been tasked to redesign our LAN, its has been one broadcast subnetted may you kindly assist on how to vlan the network that will have about 400 workstations in 8 departments, 105 mitel ip phones, 60 servers and 50 network printers. Also i want to upgrade my core switches to Catalyst 4500 E-Series


Re: creating VLANS on the current subnet

Hello, Thembani.

What access leyer devices do you have (and how many)?

Do you have any security requirements to put the devices into separate VLANs? And opposite: do you have a requirements to keep any kind of devices in the same VLAN?

The best design would be to have:

  • a stack of L3 switches with a set of VLANs for servers and running L3 links with CORE;
  • each L3 access switch for end-users/devices running L3 links with CORE (or put on cheap access ports of your 4500);
  • VoIP devices should be put into voice vlan.

As a result you will have pure L3 routing without VLAN extension (but a pair of server switches);

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creating VLANS on the current subnet

access layer devices that i have are Hp & cisco switches, mitel IP phones, printers & PC's. On the security yes there is such a requirement as per department eg. HR systems need to be accesed by HR. L3 switches i just ordered Cisco 4500X switches

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