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crypto maps

Hi all, can anyone tell me what a cryptomap actually does and is needed for, when configuring vpns?


Re: crypto maps

it enable to manage and configure site-to-site VPNs on cisco device like a router, which includes configuring crypto connections and GRE tunnels.

Re: crypto maps

to encrypt traffic between site-site vpn


Re: crypto maps


Sometimes I wonder if "Carl" is a real person or just a Cisco Bot that spits out questions randomly according to a programmed script.

I say this because "Carl" never answers back and never -- and I mean never -- rates anyone's post, no matter how much trouble the person has gone through to help him (it?).

I say Cisco should come clean and reveal who "Carl" really is...;-)

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Re: crypto maps

Hi There

in response to your message,Carl is a real person. The reason I ask so many question is due to the amount of different things I need to do in my job. I do try to reply but in my job I have little time. I will try to reply and rate from now on, when I do get time I normally rate. I apologize if im a little vague but I will make more effort in my replies etc.

thanks for all your help


Re: crypto maps


it's good to hear from you. about how start rating this discussion.


Re: crypto maps


Thank you for answering.

Could I please ask that you make the effort to rate, or even to respond to people who make the effort to provide you with answers.

You are not the only one who is busy in their job. Time is a valuable resource, and this is unpaid work. I often see that people spend more effort in their answers to you than you have spent in formulating the question.

Also, could I please ask that you look in the documentation before you post questions. Nine times out of ten, the answer is there for the taking. If you look in the documentation, you can save us a lot of time and effort.

Kevin Dorrell


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