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CSM and VRF (or: multiple client VLANs)

Is it possible that the CSM can be VRF-aware?

If not, is it possible that you can have two client VLANs, and how can you differentiate where traffic will flow?



Re: CSM and VRF (or: multiple client VLANs)

There are no issues in mapping the VRF's to the CSM via regular VLANs.

The only exception is if you are using RHI (route health Injection).If you are using RHI, CSM can not injects routes in VRF routing table. RHI only injects routes in MSFC routing table.

Syed Iftekhar Ahmed

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Re: CSM and VRF (or: multiple client VLANs)

The problem is, I want a second client VLAN. But it does not seem that there is any mechanism to tell the CSM to route between 1 client VLAN to another based on any criteria.

I would like to have 'vlan 1 client, gateway' and 'vlan 2 client, gateway' where traffic from might come in on VLAN 2, and should leave on VLAN 2. Other traffic ( may come in on VLAN 1, but leave on VLAN 1.

Re: CSM and VRF (or: multiple client VLANs)

for each flow that hits a vserver, the CSM does remember the MAC address where that flow came in first and sends the return traffic back there.So return traffic for established flows is not an issue.

If you need to handle non-established conns like server initiated connections, then you'll have to add some configuration.

vserver Outbond

virtual any

vlan 100 <------- Server vlan

serverfarm outserver


serverfarm outserver

no nat server <----- Very important



where is the gateway that you want to use to go out (of course that also means that you're selecting which vlans to use to send that connection out).

One more caveat here: every flow in the CSM contains also VLAN information, so once you send a flow out of a certain vlan, the return traffic will have to come back from that same vlan, otherwise the connection breaks. In some cases, you'll have to source NAT those connections to specific IPs in order to get them back to the correct vlan.

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