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CSM-SSL URL Redirect case


we have CSM-SSL Module installed in our core 6509 switch, we use it to provide SSL and load Balance for our website

also we use it to rewrite all http traffic to be https secure traffic.

so anyone type in his browser it will redirect him to and also CSM load balance between 3 servers

we develope a new system and it can be used in mobile phones so we registered a new domain called with the same public IP registerd for but it will worked in 2 different servers.

what we want to do is when anyone access from his mobile to the CSM-SSL module redirect

him to

so is this possible to be done in the CSM Module


Talal Habeeb

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Re: CSM-SSL URL Redirect case

I noticed in the Cisco documentation, the URL rewrite will only rewrite HTTP redirects in the location HTTP header field and will not rewrite embedded HTTP references.

Note The URL rewrite feature supports the rewriting of redirection links. The system scans only the "Location:" HTTP header field in the response from the server and rewrites the rules accordingly. The URL rewrite feature does not support embedded links.

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Re: CSM-SSL URL Redirect case

Thanks j-block for your reply, is there any forum for CSM Module?

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Re: CSM-SSL URL Redirect case

Yes, there is the "Application Networking" forum which deals with all things content networking, CSMs etc



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