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Daisy-chaining Catalyst 3560's

I added a second switch to my network. Neither switch (or anything connected to them can see the other). The second switch also cannot connect to the internet. I tried a crossover cable, a patch able, and even got desperate and connected both. Am I missing a step here? Do I have to use particular ports. Thanks for any advice (Note: The IP scheme is valid. Both have the same sub-net, and Default Gateway).

Cisco Employee

Re: Daisy-chaining Catalyst 3560's

Hi Friend,

Do you see a physical link as up when you connect 2 switches by cross cable? If yes then we need to check the port configuration on the ports by which these 2 switches are connected? So can you paste the port config for the 2 ports ?

Also can you issue a command "sh cdp nei" and confirm if one switch can see other switch?



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Re: Daisy-chaining Catalyst 3560's

Activity lights blinking on both sides with a crossover cable. Port configs on switch #2 are set to all auto. NOTE: Switch #1 was set up by consultants and do not currently have the password. Thusly, I don't know the config of switch. I would have assumed it was plain vanilla. Resetting switch #1 is the absolute last resort as I don't want to make a bad situation worse. Thanks again.

Re: Daisy-chaining Catalyst 3560's


as ankur said, did u check the cdp and confirm if the layer 2 is fine ?? i hope that you are extending the access layer using an access port on the first switch to connect to the second, and not trunking !! right ?? if not, u gotta check the port connected to the second switch .... that will be of help...

do let us know.


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Re: Daisy-chaining Catalyst 3560's

Thanks to all. Got in touch with the consultants and the original switch was not set up plain vanilla. Multiple VLANS which were not the default. He telnet-ed in and changed the config on both switches and now we are one happy little network. Thanks again.

Joe - LAN Guy (not a WAN Guy)

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