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New Member

Dead 2950??

Hi everyone,

So just out of the blue, one of my 2950's stopped working.  It's one in my home lab, but still...

I can connect via console cable, but the switch doesn't accept any keyboard commands.

I can see the full boot sequence, and if I plug in/unplug a cable, I see the log on screen, but I can't telnet, or reset the SSH password due to it not accepting any commands from the keyboard.

I have 2x other 2950's and 3x 2611's and they all work with the same console cable.

Any ideas?  Is it dead??


Cisco Employee

Dead 2950??


It may be that the Rx circuitry on the console port of your switch is fried - in that case, you're probably out of luck.

There is a slight possibility that you have configured no exec on your console port, causing it to not start a command interpreter when you hit Enter. Can you actually try to perform the password recovery procedure and see if the keyboard is accepted at least in the bootloader mode?

  1. Unplug the switch off from the mains.
  2. Press down the MODE button on the front panel.
  3. While keeping it pressed, plug the switch back to power. Do not release the button - keep it pressed.
  4. After roughly 10-15 seconds, the console should display a message that the boot process was interrupted, and suggest a number of commands to enter to continue booting. At that time, you may release the button.
  5. Enter the flash_init command if possible. If this works, you're lucky and just the configuration was screwed.
  6. Enter the load_helper command
  7. Enter the rename flash:config.text flash:config.old command
  8. Enter the boot command

If entering commands in the bootloader mode, do not use TAB, arrows or Ctrl-Key combinations because they are not supported, and will always cause a command to be unrecognized. If you make a typo, delete the whole line up to the typo, correct it, and type in the remainder of the command again.

Best regards,


New Member

Dead 2950??

Thanks very much Peter.

I've tried the password recovery procedure, but it also is suffering from the same problem, but thanks for taking the time to answer.  Looks like I need to look for a new switch

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