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Dead port already?

    We have two slm2048 switches. We've had them up for about 10 days. I noticed today one port that seems to be dead. It will show link but no activity. Also in the web admin interface it does not show as up when a cable is attached to it. There is also another port on the same switch that shows as up in the web interface when there is nothing connected to it (this port does work when connected). Anybody experienced this behaviour/have a solution? From what I've read about other people with dead ports on a slm2048 I have a feeling rebooting will bring things back to normal for a bit but that is no solution. This is pretty surprising and disappointing coming from cisco.

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Cisco Employee

Re: Dead port already?

There is a bug opened for this, but to my knowledge Cisco has not been able to reproduce the issue. The bug is CSCtg30340.

I see a note which states two customers stopped seeing a problem after disabling STP. You could try this or make sure portfast is configured on all non intra-switch ports.

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Re: Dead port already?

is the port that is showing it is conected when there is nothing conected to it being used for a fiber connection?

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