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Default Route Forwarding IP Inter-Vlan Routing Wizard

I am trying to setup routing on a 3750 we have. I am confused on what they are asking for as far as the Default Route Forwarding IP. Would that be the IP address of the switch? Any information would be appreciated.


Re: Default Route Forwarding IP Inter-Vlan Routing Wizard


Can you clarify what do you mean by 'they are asking as for as the default route'? If you can provide more information on your topology that would help us provide you quick answers.

If you have been asked to configure a default route on the 3750 to forward packets for any unknown destination then you need to configure a route as below to forward it the next hop IP which probably knows how to route to that destination.

ip route (next_hop_ip)

I am sure you are aware, the router forwards packets based on the information in the routing table. The default route, aka gateway of last resort, forwards traffic to the next_hop_ip for any unknown destination.

Let's say a packet arrives at the router to go to NET_A and if it doesn't have a specific route for NET_A then the router would forward the packets using the default route, if one configured, and it's up to the upstream device take care of routing from thereon.



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Re: Default Route Forwarding IP Inter-Vlan Routing Wizard

What we are doing is moving all of our routing configuration from our 7204 to our 3750G. The 7204 will still be used for mainframe stuff.

I think I know what you are saying about the default route. I am just confused on why I need a next hop if everything is going to go through the same switch.

Re: Default Route Forwarding IP Inter-Vlan Routing Wizard

Is it because the 3750 was earlier used as a layer 2 switch and now that you have enabled routing on it the 7204 needs a default route to forward to the 3750 switch (acting as a router)?

If that isn't the case then can you answer the following questions.

1. Was 3750 used before. If it was, then was routing enabled on it earlier?

2. Are you connected to the Internet. If it is, can you provide topology info or path to the Internet from 3750/7204.

If you can provide more info on topology that would be helpful.



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