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Default Username & Password - CE500 switches?

Hi all,

I purchased six CE500 switches and installed them some months ago.  Never "set them up", just plugged 'em in and let 'em go...  But now I'm at a point where I want to actually configure them.

The switches must have defaulted to recieve DHCP addresses because I can see them all, BUT I cannot get to the web-based admin panels on ANY of them because I don't know the usernames & passwords.  They should all be at the factory defaults because I never changed anything.

However, I don't know what those defaults are and the "Getting Started Guide" is no help in this regard...

Anyone know what the factory default username and passwords are?




Re: Default Username & Password - CE500 switches?

I know that Cisco has used in the past:



cisco/no password

If it's web based, try Cisco in the password field. If those don't work, let me know and I'll look around.

This might help if you can't figure out what the password is:



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New Member

Re: Default Username & Password - CE500 switches?

Hi John,

Those don't seem to be working...  :-(  Let me say this because it may help you help me.  Like I said, I never configured these switches, just turned 'em on and they worked.  So in actuality I have NO idea what their IP addresses even are...

But I'm pretty sure I'm hitting them because I have 5 or 6 addresses found via my scanner that are all asking the same UN & PW question when I try to connect...  They are not identifying themselves as anything in particular, but it seems to me that they must be the CE500s...

In addition, Is it possible that these don't even have IP addresses?  But they must, right?

If so, and to make sure that I am at least in the right place, do you know of a network scanner that will resolve MAC addresses?  Mine won't, and that might be the only way to tell for sure (obviously, I can see the MAC addresses printed on the switches themselves)...

Waddya think?  Sorry, this is my own personal stupid...


PS.  By the way, I do have the "Cisco Network Assistant" program, version 5.5 installed.  But I am new to it and don't really know how to use it yet...  Perhaps that will help us?

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Re: Default Username & Password - CE500 switches?


I don't know how to use the network assistant software I'm a big command line person, and I think these switches are only administered via web interface or network assistant.

It's very possible that they don't have ip addresses assigned, or they have default addresses that may not be in your range (which you wouldn't see through a scan). The link that I sent you should walk you through the process or resetting the login, but it may require downtime.



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Re: Default Username & Password - CE500 switches?

Hi Jonh,

OK, it looks like you're right and that I'm going to have to do it their way.  ;-)

I'll reset 'em and start over.  Should be NP.  Thanks!