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Deploying 3750s

I have a site where in the aggregation point I have (1) 3550 8-port 1000base switch and (4) 3550 48-port SMI switches.

Would like to replace them with 3750 POE models. What would be the best route.

Can I simply keep the existing 3550 8-port 1000base and just connect it to the 3750s stack?

Need to change because of POE needs and trying to avoid the chassis option. What would I be loosing by not going with the chassis?


Cisco Employee

Re: Deploying 3750s


It will be fine if you connect the stack of 3750's to 3550 directly over the fiber link.

If you are not using chassis you will miss out the following :

1. Sup/CPU redundancy,

2. Power Supply redundancy,

3. Scalability is terms of upgrading the CPU for more backplane bandwidth

4. Mix-and match of line cards as per the requirement,

5.In service software upgrades

6. Power supply change as requirement grows..

-amit singh

Super Bronze

Re: Deploying 3750s

Likely you should be able to connect the 3550 to the 3750 stack, but if the devices are next to each other, you might consider replacing the 3550 with another 3750 stack member.

Amit list some advantages of a chassis, but those he lists are not quite fully unique to a chassis relative to a 3750 (or 3750-E) stack, except perhaps for #3 on the issue of bandwidth scalability. There are some others, such as the 6500 series supporting service modules or WAN modules, additional software features, IOS stability, but the chassis is often more expensive, so stack vs. chassis can be a difficult choice unless you can carefully compare their differences and what's important to you.

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