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Design Confirmation Using VSS

I am replacing Catalyst 4506 switches with Catalyst 4500Xs in a VSS pair. Currently we use GLBP and set up the GLBP IP address to be the address we want to use as the default gateway for that VLAN (e.g. From what I've read and understand about VSS I no longer need to use GLBP? I'm also thinking that I should use what would have previously been the GLBP address as the IP address for the VLAN now?

Am I correct in my thinking or do I still need to configure two IP addresses on my VLANs (one for the VLAN and one that would act as the default gateway address for my clients)?


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Re: Design Confirmation Using VSS

You don't need any FHRP (HSRP/GLBP/VRRP) with VSS.

With VSS you have an active and a standby switch. They are active and standby in terms of the control plane but they both forward the actual data independently of each other.

So when you are configuring the switches you only configure the active switch ie. you would have one L3 SVI and you would use the current VIP being used for GLBP. The SVI would only one have IP address.


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Design Confirmation Using VSS

Thanks for the confirmation. First time really dealing with VSS so I'm getting used to the concept and how our existing config from years ago need to be modified.

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