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Design ISP VLAN Scenario

HI all,

I need help to complete my scenario.

Plz check the Attachment pic.

What I?m trying to do is that every traffic either IN or Out in our network from Cisco 7206 router should travel to Firewall then in Bandwidth manager then goes back to Cisco 3750 switch then distribute. For that I asume to use VLAN for this scenario. but confuse how to do that.

Plz help me out in this scenario.

What should i do?

How to configure it?

Some help.

Thankz in Advance

Cisco Employee

Re: Design ISP VLAN Scenario

not sure if it is of a complete help.

Since ur words say both "in" and "out" traffic should go to the FW.

Why don't u use Span to Capture and pump out on an interface connected to the Firewall...then it will travel to the FW+BW Manager and then comes back.

but One Gothcha would be, can the Port connected to the Firewall be a SPAN destination ?? Just try out.

Would it be of any help ?



New Member

Re: Design ISP VLAN Scenario

Hi Shesh

If I enable SPAN source port that directly connected with Router 7206 ,and destination port connected with firewall, dont u think when traffic enter from Router still distribute there and 1 copy of that traffic will forward to FW+BM.(like mirroring).

But anyway I'll try and let u know. 2Day.


Re: Design ISP VLAN Scenario

Hi, If I understand your requirements you want to send traffic to the firewall and bandwidth manager before forwarding to the destination?

For this you'll need to create some VLAN's on your switches. One (outside VLAN) where the 7200 and outside FW interface sit. Then a second VLAN for the BW manager and inside FW interface.

Possibly a third vlan for when traffic passes through the BW manager to the rest of the network, although I'm not familiar with this piece of kit so I'm assuming it's not a transparent network device.

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