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Determine router configuration

Hi all,

I'm new when it comes to Cisco so forgive me if this question has a simple answer to it. At home I use a Scarlet DSL subscription. The configuration comes standard with a CISCO878 router. I can connect up to 4 pc's to this router. However, I have to configure the router so it becomes DHCP for the pc's and the router must have the fixed IP from the provider. I want to use SDM to configure the router but it asks me for a hostname or IP address. The technician who installed the Scarlet connection didn't leave me this data. How can I determine the configuration of the router ? Many thnx for your answer.


Re: Determine router configuration

You are saying router is DHCP for PCs.. so router should be default gateway for your hosts... try command ipconfig on you host and default gateway should be IP of you router but Iam affraid you need login credentials for access to router....


Hope that helps rate if it does

Re: Determine router configuration

Hi Marc

In addition to Milan's comment you can configure up the same using the command default-router .

Also you need to exclude the ip address from the dhcp pool which is configured to be assigned for the dhcp clients.

do refer this link for more info on the same.


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