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DHCP in VRF environment


I have a core Switch on which I have configured Layer3 VLAN interface and on this interface I have the vrf forwarding enabled with the IP helper address. I am using a 3rd party DHCP server with scopes activated which allocates the IP's to the different VLAN's. The issue that I'm seeing is that I don't get any IP Address from the DHCP server. Now if I statically configure the IP address on my machine then I can ping all the way out to the the DHCP server, Internet, etc. Which proves that the routing is working fine via the VRF. is there anything I have to configure specfically on the L3 interface for DHCP in the VRF environment?

Appreciate your help resolving this issue.


Re: DHCP in VRF environment

Is the IP adress of DHCP server in the VRF routing table?

If so, your setup should work in terms of routing.

There are of course other issues like FW and return path from Server.

Troubleshooting steps:

1-Traceroute within VRF to server.

2-Use an extended PING to server sourced from L3 Vlan address.

3-Ask 3rd party to confirm if they are seeing discovery and are they seeing Offers or even Acks. and most importantly can they PING ur VLAN.

The above will give you a clear idea on where is the issue (Routing, Server or FW).



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