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DHCP question on a Cisco 3750G stack

I am wondering if it is possible to assign a DHCP address range from the last switch only on a 3 switched stack, and how to do it ?. The reason I ask is that we want to VLAN off the third switch for a certain department and isolate them as much as possible from the rest of the network - I know you are all now thinking 'why is it part of a stack then ?', the answer is that we couldn't really run  enough cabling to the location where the department is. My intial plan was to have it located in it's own cabinet next to he department in question, but I was overuled, as the existing cabling in that location had already been run back to the stacks location . The switches are all 3750G 48 port running IOS 12.2 (25). Thanks in advance.

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Re: DHCP question on a Cisco 3750G stack


You don't have that level of control. A stack is a stack, and all admin is unified accross the stack.

You can VLAN off the third switch, create a VLAN interface and a DHCP pool that correspond, and DHCP will work.

You can't segregate the third switch off at the management level though - you may want to ensure that the SVI that you need for DHCP to work on the switch is configured not to allow non-DHCP traffic.

Alternately run DHCP on a device in that VLAN rather than the stack if you want it to be more completely seperate.



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