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Dhcp server in VRF


I have a DHCP server placed in a server VRF, i also have some clients in another VRF. I want the Dhcp to lease out ips to my clients in the other VRF. All traffic is going through a firewall, both bootps and bootpc has been allowed in the firewall, but it doens´t work. I have provided the configuration.

Any one has some clues how make this happen ?


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Dhcp server in VRF

You should be able create a new DHCP pool and asign the DHCP pool to the VRF

ip dhcp pool pool1

  vrf pool1

Basic IOS DHCP Config

Putting DHCP scope in a VRF

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Dhcp server in VRF

If I understand correctly he wants the DHCP server to hand out the IP addresses not create a DHCP pool on the switch.  You mentioned that you have opened up the firewall, however looks like the VLAN's are missing the "ip helper-address dhcp-ip"

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Dhcp server in VRF

I want to use my windows 2008 r2 as the DHCP server.

@ Mohammad Ali - I have allready tried to put in the VRF like this- ip helper-address vrf 600   its not possible to just put in the vlan.

Dhcp server in VRF

There is some good information here if you haven't seen this link already:

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Dhcp server in VRF

You DHCP Server needs to support option 82. If the DHCP Server resides in a different VRF from your client systems, you have to enable the option 82 parameter on the Cisco Router and your DHCP server needs to support it as well. When the traffic comes back through the Server VRF. The Server VRF needs to know what the DHCP request came from to properly deliver the request.

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