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DHCP Snooping binding Database empty


we're experiencing a problem which happen randomly with Cat3750...

The CPU usage increase over 60% for a period of time and we've not yet defined the exact cause...after that the DHCP Snooping Database on the switch start to release the IP Address..after some hours the Database is empty ad we should reload the switch...

The switches are configured for DHCP Snooping with Port-Security for MAC Address, IP Source Guard and DAI...with Proxy-ARP active

Anyone has already experienced something similar???

I've seen a docs about Cat3750

"Catalyst 3750 Series Switches High CPU Utilization Troubleshooting" and one chapter states ==>>> High CPU Due to Excessive ARP Request ...


Re: DHCP Snooping binding Database empty

DHCP snooping is a DHCP security feature that provides network security by filtering untreated DHCP messages and by building and maintaining a DHCP snooping binding database, also referred to as a DHCP snooping binding table.

For more information please click following URL:

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Re: DHCP Snooping binding Database empty


I Know thanks my question was if someone has already experienced that the DHCP Snooping binding table is become empty and the CPU on the switch is increasing during the entry are timing out...

Luckily I've discovered that was a problem on the DHCP Server...BIG problem since it didn't renew the IP Addresses and the lease were aging out on both the servers and the switches

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