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DHCP Snooping & DAI on same vlan as mgmt of switch

Hi all,

my company is thinking of implementing DHCP snooping and DAI on our infrastructure. The plan is to begin from the remote sites. My question is this:

On our remote sites we have only one vlan (say vlan x) for everything (users, printers, switch mgmt IP). If I configure DHCP Snooping and DAI on vlan x on the switch, is there any chance that I loose the switch, since its mgmt IP is on the same vlan?

I have no way to test this in a lab environment, so if anyone has insight on the matter I would much appreciate it!


Thanks in advance,



You should configure the any

You should configure the any uplink/downlink ports as trusted before you enable DAI and DHCP Snooping.

You should not lose access to the switches.

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Thanks for your reply!my

Thanks for your reply!

my uplinks will be trusted. Usually the mgmt of the switch is in a dedicated mgmt vlan, different than the user vlan on which DAI & DHCP snooping will be applied to. That is why I was wondering...

Anyways, I suppose there won't be a problem...

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