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dhcp snooping mixed enviornment

Hello ,

I have a few questions reguarding the implementation of dhcp snooping in a mixed vendor environment

I have a cisco 6500 as an aggregation switch , some of the access switches connected to it are cisco but some are 3d vendor switches, some vlans span over the switches. 

1. is dhcp snooping exclusive to the switch it is configured on ? meaning , does the implementaion of dhcp snooping on the cisco access switch depends on further configuration on the aggrergation switch ? can I configure it only on the access switches ?

2.if I do configure dhcp snooping on the cisco access switches AND  on the 6500 , is there going to be any problem because of the 3d vendor switches which are not configured but may have the same vlans ?

I also have a mixed enviournment with all cisco gear but different operating systems.  I have cisco access switches which run IOS and a Nexus 5K L3 switch as the aggregator which runs NxOS .  all switches and vlans in this environment are configured for dhcp snooping , I ran some tests and it seems that the Nexus 5K snooping configuration doesnt effect the access switches operation

3.does anybody know about issues running dhcp snooping in this kind of mixed environment ?

4. does the dhcp service have anything to do with dhcp snooping ? can I disable dhcp service on the access layer (L2) switches ? they dont perform dhcp server operations nor dhcp relay operation.  I assume I can but wanted to consult first.


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