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DHCPV6 relay config troubleshooting

Hi all,

I would like to test MS windows server 08 dhcpv6 stateful server but It (of course) doesn't work.

The client is in a subnet with a catalyst 3560 configured as a relay agent :

ipv6 enable

ipv6 nd managed-config-flag

ipv6 nd other-config-flag

ipv6 dhcp relay destination x:x:x:x::x Vlanx

I captured the trafic on both side and on the server + debug on the switch :

debug from the switch

03:07:12: IPv6 DHCP: detailed packet contents

03:07:12: src 2A01:690::2

03:07:12: dst 2A01:690:0:200::2 (Vlan100)

03:07:12: type RELAY-FORWARD(12), hop 0

03:07:12: link x:x::x

03:07:12: peer FE80::223:8BFF:FE67:5594

03:07:12: option RELAY-MSG(9), len 50

03:07:12: type SOLICIT(1), xid 13544762

03:07:12: option CLIENTID(1), len 14

03:07:12: 00010001117B122500242B44F8A0

03:07:12: option IA-NA(3), len 12

03:07:12: IAID 0x00000001, T1 4294967295, T2 4294967295

03:07:12: option ELAPSED-TIME(8), len 2

03:07:12: elapsed-time 3200

03:07:12: option ORO(6), len 2

03:07:12: DOMAIN-LIST

03:07:12: option INTERFACE-ID(18), len 5

03:07:12: 0x566C313030

03:07:12: option REMOTEID(37), len 22

I see the relay of the solicit msg coming on the interface of the server but I have no logs of any sort and no reply as well.

the client is running on windows xp with dibbler and ping works between server/relay relay/client and server/client

If anyone has already tried that seup any help would be welcome.


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