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dialler in band

I hear this phrase mentioned sometime, can anyone explain what it means/or does



Re: dialler in band

When a dial up connection is "in-band" it means that the dial string is transmitted on the same path and with the same originating equipment that the actual data will use. Sometimes when you dial out you may use an "out of band" method. That means for example that when someone has a modem attached to the console of a router. They will dial into the router to manage it. That is an "out of band" connection. A telnet is a form of "in band" management because the telnet session is using the same path as the data. An "in band" dialer is that the dial string is originated and travels the same path as the data. ISDN can use in band dialing and the dial string comes from the router. It can also use out of band dialing and an external ISDN DSU will do the actual dialing and hand off the connected call to the router which will now pass the data on the line....Hope I helped...Please rate...


Re: dialler in band

Hi Carl,

The dialer in-band command specifies that chat scripts will be used on asynchronous interfaces and V.25bis will be used on synchronous interfaces. The parity keywords do not apply to asynchronous interfaces. The parity setting applies to the dialer string that is sent out to the modem. If you do not specify a parity, or if you specify no parity, no parity is applied to the output number. If odd parity is configured, the dialed number will have odd parity (7-bit ASCII characters with the eighth bit as the parity bit.) If an interface only accepts calls and does not place calls, the dialer in-band interface configuration command is the only command needed to configure it. If an interface is configured in this manner, with no dialer rotary groups, the idle timer never disconnects the line. It is up to the remote end (the end that placed the call) to disconnect the line based on idle time.



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