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Difference between 2940-8TF and 2960-8TC-L


does anybody know why there are two model series with 8 Port 10/100 switches and what's the difference between these both switches (aside from the 100FX uplink and rps) ?

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Re: Difference between 2940-8TF and 2960-8TC-L

Hi Thorsten,

Not sure if it was a typo in the topic but 2940 is no longer shipping.

If you are referring to 2960PD-8TT-L vs 2960-8TC-L, the 2960-8TC-L has a dual purpose uplink port (SFP) while the 2960PD-8TT-L has a static port (Copper connection). In other words, if you wanted a fiber uplink the 8TC-L will be the switch you need to purchase.

The 8TT-L also consumes less power 11W, 38 Btus per hr vs 8TC-L at 20W, 69 Btus per hr




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Re: Difference between 2940-8TF and 2960-8TC-L

Hello Edison,

I am referring to the 2940 which we are still ordering and which is still shipped.

We got our last order 2 weeks ago.

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Re: Difference between 2940-8TF and 2960-8TC-L

I am sorry if this is a little off topic.

I would look at the 2960G if I were you.

Afaik the 2960 you are asking about just has a newer design and newer software with better features. They seem to have roughly about the same throughput.

we have the 2940 and we were deeply dissapointed with them and have stopped purchasing them and are now in the process of exchanging them towards the 2960G-8.

Reason: The 2940 cannot handle large loads with small packets enough for us.

The 2960G does.

Just to show the difference in just changing the switches, for us it was roughly from 3 minutes to 5 seconds for the same datastream.

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