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Difference between 6509 and 6509-E


I've seen a few discussions and done some reading around the differences between a 6509 and a 6509-E and I can't see anything that indicates that there is a physical difference between the chassis itself. The only differences that I can see are that the 6509-E uses the high-speed fan tray and larger power supplies? Can anybody confirm if this is correct and if there is a document anywhere that states this?



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Re: Difference between 6509 and 6509-E

The differences between the 6500 and 6500-E:

The 6500 recently introduced a new series of chassis with an "E"

designation (6503-E, 6506-E, 6509-E). These chassis were designed

primarily for higher

density PoE deployments that require more power than the original 6500

chassis can deliver which also accounts for the new fan design.

The 6509-E is 80 Gbps/slot capable and can support the WS-X67xx Fabric

linecards while the 6500 can't.

While those are the 2 big differences, this document is the best one

I've found that shows the differences:

Cisco Catalyst 6500 and 6500-E Series Switch Data Sheet


I believe that 6509 only have one channel for swithfabric and 6509-E have two. But it looks like the backplane performance is the same.

E-Series has the following advantages in the data center space,

- Same price as non-E.

- Full software backward compatibility.

- Higher system power capacity -  In a fully loaded configuration with DFCs and future 10GE linecards, you would need more than 4000W.




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Difference between 6509 and 6509-E


Differencies are:

1. With a Non-E chassis each slot can only support 40G.

2. With a Non-E chassis it can accept the 6000W and 8700W power supplies however these power supplies are limited to 4000W output.

3. E-Series has dual EOBC for troubleshooting if the EOBC gets jammed, but linecards must also support this and not all do.

4. E-Series has faster fabric switchover in environments with dual Sups.

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Ivan Shirshin

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Difference between 6509 and 6509-E


Thanks for the response. I guess what I'm getting at is if I have a 6509 chassis and I swap the PSU, fans and Sups will the chassis operate as a 6509-E?

From your responses:

1. I'm assuming that this only applies if Sup-2Ts are used, i.e. 80G?

2. Is this a limitation of the chassis or is it related to the fans, cooling etc in a non E chassis?

3. Is there an additional phyical bus on a "native" E chassis?

4. Is this related to the Sups used or the chassis?



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Difference between 6509 and 6509-E


Nope after chaing the PSU ,Fans or sup the 6500 will not operates same as 6509-E.

Could you please have a look at the Datasheet, There are quite lot of difference between the chasis itself other than the psu and fans.






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