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difference between WS-CAC-6000W & WS-CAC-6000W=


I would appreciate if someone can advise the following:

1. What is the difference between the part number, e.g. WS-CAC-6000W & WS-CAC-6000W=? Any Cisco links that explains?

2. Which IOS features requires us to purchase the license, which IOS comes with the switch itself? Any Cisco links that explains?

3. Any Cisco links / verification tools that help us to verify that the modules, supervisor engine, power supply, etc that we have selected works fine with our requirements?

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Re: difference between WS-CAC-6000W & WS-CAC-6000W=

In cisco homepage > go to Ordering > login using your cco ID > use dynamic configurator tool

here is the link

This tool will help you to verify which module will fit which sup engine, power supply and so on. It will also let you know the default image which comes with switch.

Regarding your first query the only difference is = symbol. This symbol denotes redundant power supply. If the switch comes with default one power supply and optional second power supply, in that case the product will be same for both except the equalto = symbol which represent the second one.

hope this helps


Re: difference between WS-CAC-6000W & WS-CAC-6000W=

An = means "Not preinstalled", generally because it's ordered as a spare.

I believe that the WS-CAC-6000W would come in the same box as your chassis (although not technically installed), whereas WS-CAC-6000W= would come in a separate box. You can have two WS-CAC-6000Ws per chassis (and will bot fit in the shipping carton along with the chassis.)

For a power supply, it's not that big of a deal. But you can order line cards with or without the equals sign- for example, if you order 8 WS-X6148A-GE-45AF with a chassis, they will show up already installed.

If you order WS-X6148A-GE-45AF= with your chassis, you'll get 9 separate boxes. (And you spend a lot of time breaking down the boxes and packaging for 8 line cards, removing the 8 blank face plates on the chassis, etc.)

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