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Difference between X6148 and X6548

Hi All,

I need the operational and technical difference between the following products.

1. WS-X6148-GE-TX

2. WS-X6548-GE-TX

3. WS-X6748-GE-TX

Thank you,

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Re: Difference between X6148 and X6548

6148 to use with Sup2 or Sup 32, need the 32Gbit common parallel bus. Bandwidth shared with all other line modules.

6548 similar to 6148 but can be connected with the switch fabric 2 or with the switch fabric at the sup720

In both cases is exclusive one 8Gbit bus to the switch fabric used. With a Sup720 in 6509 chassis max bandwidth of 8x8in+8out=128Gbit

And it has the possibility to use a fall back to the common parallel bus.


6748 can only with a sup720 used.

The connection use two 20Gbit Bus so it get a max bandwidth of 40Gbit in and 40Gbit out per slot

Or in 6509 Chassis 8x80=640Gbit bandwidth.

If performance is a demand, the 6748 can be add with a DFC3b/c card to improve the performance to 48Mpps per slot



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Re: Difference between X6148 and X6548

WS-X6148-GE-TX - 10/100/1000 Mbps - copper RJ45. Classic line card. This means it connects to the shared 32Gbps bus on the 6500. Will work with any supervisor ie. Sup1A, Sup2, Sup32, Sup720.

WS-X6548-GE-TX - 10/100/1000 Mbps - copper RJ45. Fabric enabled line card. Has an 8Gbps connection to the switch fabric and a connection to the 32Gbps shared bus. As with 6148 it will work with any supervisor - see below for specifics as to which connection it uses.

WS-X6748-GE-TX - 10/100/1000 Mbps - copper RJ45. Fabric only line card. 2 x 20Gbps connections to switch fabric. Will only work with Sup720.

Note WS-X6548-GE-TX with a sup720 will use 8Gbps dedicated connection to switch fabric. With a Sup2 and an SFM (Switch Fabric Module) it will use 8Gbps connection. Any other combination ie. Sup1A, Sup2 without SFM, Sup32 this module will use it's connection to the 32Gbps shared bus.


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Re: Difference between X6148 and X6548


In the model number, from left to right, look at the 2nd digit. 6148 means it's can be used by the Sup1 (minumum). 6748 means Sup720. 6548 means that Sup32 (minumum).

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Re: Difference between X6148 and X6548


"6548 means that Sup32 (minumum)"

Not sure i agree with this or maybe i just don't understand :-).

6548 will work with any supervisor as far as i know.


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Re: Difference between X6148 and X6548

Hello all

If you buy new equipment, you should use Sup32 and WS-X6148A-GE-TX or sup720-3b VS720-3C with WS-X6748-GE-TX.

If you like to order new line modules think to the new version WS-X6148A-GE-TX for sup32 or sup2.

Only under special circumstances are 6548 the best choice.

This has to do with the history of 6500 Supervisor.

Supervisor 1, 1a, 2 and 32 use all the parallel bus.

The Supervisor 2 support a switch fabric 2 module with 16 times 8Gbps channels.

From the backplane view are 2 channels per slot.

All 65xx modules are mainly for this SF2 module developed.

But with two interfaces for the switch fabric AND the parallel bus on all 65xx modules is possibility given to work also on catalyst without a switch fabric. If this is useful is an other question.

As earlier mentioned form developing is common parallel bus interface for fall back designed.

But if no switch fabrics in chassis exist it works also fine as main interface.

An other point is 6148 Module are not useful for ether channel.

Internally are groups of 8 ports to one single 1Gbps exit combined



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