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Different channel load-balancing on each end - problem?

2 switches with a 2 port channel connected. One switch is using load distribution method "mac both", the other is using "ip both".

The channel is functioning, but I wondered if there are any performance or other potential issues with this configuration.

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Re: Different channel load-balancing on each end - problem?

no this is perfectly fine.

Etherchannel never garantee that we will take the same physical path when going in opposite direction.

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Re: Different channel load-balancing on each end - problem?

Hello Mary Ellen,

the two switches don't need to use the same algorithm on both sides.

This can be of help in some cases.

The real challange with bundles is to find a way to spread traffic over member links as much as possible.

To be noted also that newer IOS versions actually run multiple algorithms depending on traffic type:

for example exor of IP SA and IP DA for IPv4 traffic and mac both for non IPv4 traffic.

this can be easily checked by ethertype field in frame header.

Older devices may default to MAC both regardless of traffic type.

Also when using LACP 802.1AD or Cisco PAGP the algorithm used shouldn't be exchanged in messages.

Hope to help


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