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Different IPp public range


Sorry if it is not the best place to this thread.

I have one client with the Public IP Address range for their WebServers:

aaa.bbb.141.112 /28

They ask for more 16 ip's to the provider, and it was given the following range:

aaa.bbb.140.112 /28

I had configured in the internet router, one vrf called internet, wich has Vlan5 associated and therefore logicaly attached to the firewall, trhougt a switch.

There is a NAT configured in the FireWall, translating the public ip address's, (webserver, mail, dns, etc..), into private one's.

This was working just fine with one network only.

Then the client was the need to implement another web services and ask for the provider another range of ip's.

** PROBLEM: **

The issue is that i configure the new network as a secondary in the same Vlan5, and i cant just access nothing in the Firewall.

The "show ip route vrf internet" see the new network in the vlan5, where i have the Firewall.

I have a Packteer between the Firewall and the router, and change the ip to the new range and works fine, but not reaching the new ip range, into the FireWall. (nothing reaches the FireWall log)

I think that i have to add a new network address in the Firewall, but i cant do it in the same NIC and have no more free NIC's.

If i buy another NIC card an configure the new address range, can i connect this in the same switch, i dont know if it will work fine in the same switch it is connected the existing one (2 networks ? in the same switch).

Do u have another sugestions to do this ?

Best regards,


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Re: Different IPp public range

Duplicate conversation, Sorry.

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