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Disabling Catalyst 3850 Stack Discovery?

At Cisco Live! 2013 Orlando a mention was made which I understood to mean that by turning off the stacking ports of a Catalyst 3850 the switch would not wait for stack discovery but proceed with the boot sequence (by virtue of knowing the topology i.e. no other switches).

However, if I issue

switch 1 stack port 1 disable

switch 1 stack port 2 disable

save the config and do a reboot, the switch still sits for a long time just before the stack discovery completion messages, and boots no faster than a default out-of-the-box switch. Did I misunderstand, or is there some other command to tell the switch to not bother with stack discovery?

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Here is a late reply: It

Here is a late reply:


It doesn't disable it completely:

When a stack port is flapping and causing instability in the stack, be careful when using the switch stack-member-number stack port port-number disable privileged EXEC command. When you disable the stack port, the stack operates at half bandwidth.

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