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disconnection from network

i have some new computer with intel network card Intel(R) 82566DC Gigabit Network and some time i get this message

Intel(R) 82566DC Gigabit Network Connection :Spanning Tree Protocol has been detected on the device your network connection is attached to.

and they disconnect and connnet from the lan i have cisco 3500xl stp is enable


Re: disconnection from network

Any changez has been made recently on the network(physically or made any changez in the config), because that might occur loop on the network.

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Re: disconnection from network


I Have also a BIG Problem with HP SFF PC's with Intel 82566 Gigabit Network Cards (OnBoard) with the same message.

My Problem is also a DISCONNECT (Layer1 LINK DOWN) and followed by a CONNECT (Link UP) after 1 Second.

My Switches are all 3500XL - With 3550 No Problem.

Configured PORTFAST and AUTO Negotiation

Fix Speed SET - No Change


Sometimes it helps when i change the Port or Patch to another Switch in the same Cabinet.

Please HELP - About 800 PC's (with about 20 with this Problem)


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Re: disconnection from network

We're running into very simliar problems.

You have Portfast disabled on ports connecting to switches or routers right?

are there updated drivers for the nics?

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Re: disconnection from network

I have portfast enabled.

But it doesn't make sense if i disable it.

NIC Driver Update to 9.8.20 (Latest) doesn't help...

Re: disconnection from network

Have you tried setting the ports to "access" or "host"? This will stop the port from trunking.

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Re: disconnection from network

I use "switchport access vlan xxx"

I don't use TRUNKING at HOST ports.

Re: disconnection from network

I suspect that your Computer NIC supports trunking. I believe that the default trunk configuration on the 3550 switch is "dynamic desirable", therefore if the NIC tries to setup a trunk the switch will comply.

If you run the command "switchport mode access" on the swith interface, it will rule this out as a possibility.

You might also want to run "no switchport nonegotiate" to turn off Dynamic Trunking Protocol (DTP)

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Re: disconnection from network


Just wondering if anybody came up with anything further regarding this issue?



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