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Discussion for spanning tree

If I want to connect the core switch (SW C3650S) in the corporate network to the core switch in the Data center (C6509E), anything i need to take note of its vtp mode and spanning tree? Will it affect the network in data center for propagation of vlan and spanning tree priority?

vtp mode for corporate core switch is transparent and its spanning tree setting is spanning-tree vlan 1-4000 priority 4096.



From your description, you

From your description, you shouldn't be too concerned. If vtp is transparent, it will ignore and pass along any vtp advertisements that it receives if needed. The stp priority is pretty low. The lowest is 0, and has to be done in increments of 4096. Which switch do you want to keep as the root bridge? If it's the corporate switch, you should be fine as long as the data center doesn't have the same priority or lower.



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I think John has covered your

I think John has covered your answer well.

You could also look at connecting them at Layer 3 and setting up routing between what I assume is your 'campus' and your 'data centre' which would be the way I would go.

Setup a routing protocol like EIGRP between them.

That way you don't have to worry about Layer 2 and you can use the same VLAN ID's both sides.

Just a thought.

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