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documentation template

Hi all. I have a asa firewall configured with alot of accesslists. Hence i would like to come up with a document so that it helps me in my risk analysis. This document should state what are the services that are allowed to pass through to my servers that are to be accessed publicly. Hence is there any template on the internet that you can reccomend? Thks in advance.


Re: documentation template

in ur case what i would suggest you do is

first see the source and destiniation IPs to know what address allowed to go to what address or hosts

then see what kind of applications or port numbers these ACLs are useing

and just search in the internat about tcp and udp port numbers

u will get lits of these ports then

u can know what is allwed and u canmake any alterations u want

keep in mind that with ACLs

the squence is important

so if u put deny statetement that deny traffic to spesific host or network

even after that deny statement u put pemrit the traffic will deny the traffic for that host or network

so the squence important

good luck

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