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does cisco router support "tcp reset" mesg when the traffic blocked by access lit ?

hi ,


im trying to know if i  blocked a destination with an access list on cisco.


can i make "tcp-rest " to that connection instead on dropping it ??


i belive it supported on ASA appliance , but not sure if supported on cisco routers.


im trying to migrate from linux router to cisco router and apply the same config , one of the challenging task is , i have 



im wondering if i can do it on cisco router


waiting ur responce



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Cisco routers do not have the

Cisco routers do not have the functionality to send a TCP reset when an access list denies the TCP packet.





New Member

thank you ,is that option

thank you ,

is that option enabled on ASA applainces ??

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Yes there are some things

Yes there are some things that you can configure on the ASA that will result in resetting the connection. This includes doing Application Inspection, if you configure the ASA to enforce connection timeouts then it could send a TCP reset if it has closed a connection and the remote device sends another packet on the closed connection, and if you are running IPS on the ASA then that could reset TCP connections.






service resetinboundcommand

service resetinbound

command on ASA

New Member

thank you both , i really

thank you both , 

i really appreciate ur replies.


but ,


if i used IPS on the router , can i have wt i need?


or it just on ASAs ??



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One of the things that keeps

One of the things that keeps me engaged with these forums is that they challenge me and give me opportunities to learn new things. My initial reaction to your question about IPS on IOS router was to say that this is not supported. But I did some research and find that apparently IPS functionality is now supported on some (but not all) of Cisco IOS routers. See this link for additional detail:





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