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does ip helper-address have a delay option


We have 2 DHCP servers and "ip helper-address" pointing to both for a given subnet on the router.

interface Vlan15

ip helper-address

ip helper-address

Clients get IP addresses from both servers, if you turn on a PC in the subnet, it gets the address from one server. After rebooting, it may get the IP from the second server and it will flip flop back and forth between the 2 servers.

Anyone know if you can tell the router to delay one of the helper-addresses? This way it will increase the likelihood of getting the IP from the same server all the time. I know moving one of the servers to a more distant subnet would help, but I'm looking for a command in the router to do it.


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Re: does ip helper-address have a delay option

No, there isn't such feature. I believe you need to look at things at the server side. You may encounter the same problem if the DHCP servers and clients were to be on the same subnet where you don't need the ip helper-address.

I believe with AD, you can set it up in a way to share scopes.




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Re: does ip helper-address have a delay option

Thank you for the reply,

Microsoft's site says the DHCP "relay agent" can be setup on a PC or server with a delay, but I haven't found anything about delaying the server itself yet.

We do have the scopes shared so one will not reject a renewal as invalid if it's given from the other server, but the client will take the first IP given to it from the first DHCP server that responds.

I'm thinking that moving the second server to another subnet might be the only option.

Thanks again

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