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Does Multi-vlan port still exist


I want to set one of my switch's port in 2 different VLAN.

I already read that we can put a port in multiple VLAN with the command : switchport mode multi. Then I think, you can specify which vlan is allowed.

But I want to know how can I do this kind of configuration now, because the "mode multi" command doesn't exist anymore.

It's not for VoIP purpose, so I don't want to put :

switchport access vlan[ID]

switchport voice vlan[ID].

I want to use two static access vlan on one single port.

It is possible ?

Thank you very much


Re: Does Multi-vlan port still exist

Not without configuring the port as a trunk. I assume you are referring to the multi-VLAN port feature that was available on the Catalyst 3500XL & 2900XLs. As far as I know this was the only platform that had this feature.

What is it you are trying to achieve? Since most applications now run over IP you can usually achieve what you need with routing.


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Re: Does Multi-vlan port still exist

Hi, You can have a single port access more than one vlan, usually the port is a trunk port supporting dot1q. Once the port is trunked you can allow any vlan you want across the link with "switchport trunk allowed vlan xxx" command because by default all vlan traffic crosses the trunk. If you are connecting to a server or workstation the NIC card must support dot1q for the trunk link to work. Otherwise the data and voice configuration is the only other method that I know of. HTH please rate if it does.

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Re: Does Multi-vlan port still exist


The routing was my second thinking.

I can't put the port in a trunking mode because it's a node port and must be an access mode port.

I'll create another subnet for that node and it will talk with the nodes that are in the 2 vlan.

Thank to both of you.


Re: Does Multi-vlan port still exist

Multi vlan was only available on the old 2924XL's and is no longer valid as a command.

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Re: Does Multi-vlan port still exist

I had the same requirement, came up with a couple of workarounds, firstly the 3750 running image 12.2-44 has a new command (to me at least) allowing spanning-tree portfast to be configured on a trunk link ::

The cheaper option which I have gone for is to use the 2950 with a trunk port, the vlans attached to this had their timers minimised to the minimum safe amount using the "spanning-tree vlanXX root primary diameter X hello-time 1" command (on the root switch), in testing with a pair of 2950's and a pair of teamed interface, I dropped just 1 icmp packet before the secondary link came up, which compared to the cost of new switches my customer found acceptable.

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