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Does Port Channel mtu setting override?

I think I know the answer on this and am about to drive in to see if I'm right, but thought I'd check the community in case someone's reading these right now and can confirm - I'm standing up an environment, and we're seeing an issue that indicates an mtu mismatch on the interconnect between two nodes. The two switches the nodes are connected to have an interconnect of a four-port portchannel and the portchannel itself has the correct mtu of 9000, but the individual ports are set to mtu 1500. Currently only one of the four ports is connected, so my bet is that although the portchannel is mtu 9000 it doesn't override the port's individual setting of mtu 1500. I'll be heading in to connect the remaining three ports, but wanted to just check in case there might be something else at play. Thanks!

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Does Port Channel mtu setting override?


I am not sure what type of switch you are using.  usually for small switches e.g 2900, 3560, 3750, etc... you have to enable MTU globally and not per interface.  On larger switch models, e.g 6500 series, it can be done per interface. Usually, if you create a Portchannel and raise the mtu on the Portchannel, it will apply it to the physical interfaces too.


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