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Does the RV220W support LAG? I have an SG300-28 that does and would like to trunk the RV220W's 4 LAN ports to it.

Hi all! I'm new here and I do apologize if I'm posting in the wrong section or asking a previously answered question. I have also just started out on my route to acquiring the various Cisco certifications so I figured it would be beneficial if I had my own little network to tinker with and learn from. I'm having some issues getting started though.


First off, I have an RV220W, which is connected to my ISP (TWC) provided Arris TG862 cable modem that is in bridged mode. The RV220W is connected to my SG300-28 (via 1 cable at the moment from LAN Port 4 on the firewall/router (rv220w)  to Gi23  on the switch (sg300-28). Then I'll be connecting a Netgear R7000 in access point mode to one of the switchports to provide internal and guest WiFi access. (I would have gone with a Cisco WAP, but the R7000 blows any of them away in throughput. I'm definitely open to suggestions for purchasing, though!)


I'd ideally like to use all 4 LAN ports from the RV220W and connect them to the switch's Gi25-28 using LAG. When I do this though, I lose all internet connectivity. Additionally, I also want to make sure that my four VLANs are intercommunicable. 

VLAN1 - Management VLAN for the Firewall, Switch, & R7000 wireless access point

VLAN10 - Network Computers

VLAN100 - WiFi for Internal Devices

VLAN110 - WiFi for Guest Devices

I also found a discussion that I found very helpful in configuring the VLANs and trunking:

I'm familiar with both the GUI and CLI, in case it eases the burden of explaining a solution to me. Let me know if there's more info I should be providing. Thanks in advance!!!

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